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Link Aadhaar Online in UAN Portal for EPF – EPFO UAN KYC

UAN KYC Process: It was made clear that Aadhaar to be linked with EPF account under UAN official portal. This has got mandatory to verify account with Aadhaar, so that individual will be eligible for all benefits and exception under government rules. This was also taken under measure to have one account for one individual, which makes easier for them while on retreatment. Government has taken good steps to link your Aadhaar Number with EPF account through Online. This whole process of updating the Aadhaar number will be done through online mode only, there is no need to visit Aadhaar Kendra or Postal office to update.


How to Link Aadhaar Online in UAN Portal for EPF

The Talk to bring Aadhaar and EPF linked, has come up after Aadhar has become unique Identity for Every Indian citizen. Linking Aadhaar has also reduced the burden to bring all KYC documents for verification. Minimal documentation with Aadhaar Linking has made work for EPF department easy and also quick response link for one using EPF service. This will be most used if one is deciding to take the money out or modify their interim period. We in this article, has got some basic information to Link Aadhaar Number with EPF account. It has also made easy for Employer to verify Employee details and provide the benefits accordingly.


Are you going to update your Aadhaar Number in UAN portal Online for EPF account, then hope that you are ready with listed requirements. This are must to be checked to update, else the process of online updating will not be possible for you.

  • Aadhaar number linked with your personal Mobile for e-veirficationasd6&%2HDH#$Q3
  • UAN portal Username and Password along with DOB
  • PAN card to be ready, if so asked to enter the PAN number
  • Email ID and Working Mobile number to send status link

Link Aadhaar Number with EPF account in UAN portal Online:

This is quite easy to update your Aadhaar Number, but before proceeding further. Account older must have met all the requirements. Only then it will be easily proceed to update Aadhaar number in few minutes.

How to Link Aadhaar Online in UAN Portal for EPF

How to Link Aadhaar Online in UAN Portal for EPF

  1. Firstly login to UAN official portal with your User ID and Password
  2. Click on Manage button, shown on top row and then select “Modify Basic Details”
  3. Here enter your Aadhar Number twice and click on Update button
  4. Verify, your email ID, phone number along with DOB already auto filled

How to Link Aadhaar Online in UAN Portal for EPF

6.Once the update is done, a Message “Approval Pending from Employer” will be shown

That’s It! Your tax is now completed to update your Aadhaar number in UAN portal for EPF account Online. But still whole process didn’t end here, as the Employer should approver your request and confirm for updating.

Employer Approval to Link Aadhaar Number in EPF Account:

This activity should be bought under Employer view and it can be good if you call them to ask approval on your updating. Once Employer login to the UAN portal and hit approve on your Aadhaar updating request. Here Employer task will be done

How to Link Aadhaar Online in UAN Portal for EPF

How to Link Aadhaar Online in UAN Portal for EPF

Once this request is submitted, as message as “Approval from EPF Office” will be shown in your status page

EPF Office Approval to Link Aadhaar:

This is where your request ends for last approval to complete whole process of linking Aadhaar Number. EPF Office will approximately take 30 days to approve one’s request for any updating. The Aadhaar Number will be linked to your EPF account after a month and it will be visible when you login again.

Final Words:

Hope that you have successful linked your Aadhaar Number with EPF account in UAN portal Online with above given process. As we have already suggested, if your Aadhaar number isn’t linked with Mobile number then you must visits Post office or Sava Kendra to update the Aadhar Number with Mobile number and try back this process.

If you have any query or ended up with error during the updating process. We request you to write back to us, so that our team will respond and will help you resolve your issue.

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