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UAN Forgot Password Guide – Reset UAN Password Online

UAN password Change: The employee provident fund organisation of India which is also known as EPFO is a very large organisation where millions of Indians have their own UAN accounts created. Everyone who has a u a n account also has a password along with which is used to login into your EPFO official account. In one of our previous articles we have talked about u a n number and if you do not have your uan number provided by you are employed then you can follow our guide which shows you solve the UAN forgot password issue.

so now in this article the main focus is going to be about the password which is going to help you to login into your EPF balance checking account. When the first time you log into your uan account you have to set a password and after that if you forget your password you need not worry because in this article we are going to show you how you can reset your password for you and easily.

UAN Forgot Password Guide - Reset UAN Password Online

UAN Forgot Password Guide – Reset UAN Password Online

How to Know UAN Number – How to Get UAN NumberĀ 

The same uan number ID and password can be used to log into your EPF member passbook which has money related and balance related information. We all know that social security is a very important aspect and we should be very much aware that every password we have that is linked to a very important account must be secure. We take atmosphere when it comes to our internet banking and credit card or debit card account id numbers and also the passwords related to doors. At the same time I suggest you that the employee provident fund organization given UAN account is very important as well because it has lump sum amount of money which is being deducted from your account every month and you need to make sure that your account stays secure and you are the only one who knows these details.

There are cases when someone might see you logging into your EPF account while entering your uan number and password. This is common because most of the times you might use your workspace laptop are your phone to access these important accounts but do not worry because you are not at risk. Even though you are not at risk with this we advise you to change your password if you have a fear that someone might have an acknowledge acknowledgement of you using your password before them and it came harm you in anyway. As everyone says it is better to be e precautions before something happens I suggestion that you change your uan account password after following this article because the Indian government also suggest that your account details should never be shared with anyone else.

UAN Forgot Password – UAN Password Not Available, UAN Password Change

So now let us continues to basic steps which can help you tu to change uan password directly.

  • The first step will be for you to visit the employees provident fund organization UAN official website from here
  • Once you are on the EPFO UAN official website then scroll a little below and on the right you can see e login space
  • Under the login you can find forgot password button and you need to click on it
UAN Forgot Password - UAN Password Not Available

UAN Forgot Password – UAN Password Not Available

  • After clicking on the UI and forgot password button you will be redirected to password change page
  • On this page you have to enter your UAN number and enter the captcha as shown in the image and then click on submit button
How to Know UAN Number - How to Get UAN Number

How to Know UAN Number – How to Get UAN Number

  • Next you will be taken to the final page to change your password
  • On this final page you have to enter your new password and confirm new password once again
  • Once you verify that those two passwords are the same and you have those down then click on the update button
UAN Forgot Password - UAN Password Not Available

UAN Forgot Password – UAN Password Not Available

  • Now you have successfully changed your uan password

UAN password format – How to Reset UAN Password

UAN password format so you might want to know what kind of UAN password you should have so that no one can guess it. I think I have been all this question many times and it is very important for anyone to also remember the password but at the same time you much make sure the password is hard and for anyone you know personally like friends are family members to not have an easy access to the account.

So if you are going to reset your password if you forgot your password then I suggest that you follow my below suggestions while creating a new password so that your account says very much secure and you are the only one who can memorize it please remember what the password is.

  • Your password should contain at least one capital letter
  • You are UAN password should contain at least a few numerical digits
  • it is also recommended that your password can have special characters such as dollar percentile and Asterix
  • Now the number of characters for your password should be no less than 8 digits and make sure that there are no spaces in the password while creating it

Thank you for reading this article about UAN Password change guide and I hope you will now able to reset UAN password if you forgot it as well.

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