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EPF Grievance Status Check – EPF Grievance epfigms.gov.in

EPF Grievance Status Check: Employee provident fund is a very large organization and obviously you might have a problem with their process during sometime. All employee who have any problem related to PF balance or EPF account then they can use the EPF grievance official website to file their complaint or talk about the issue related to EPFO account that they are worried about.

If you want to lodge a complaint or file a problem to the EPFO Grievance website then you have to make sure to have your UAN number. The benefit of the platform is that you can file the complaint and use the platform to see the status of complaint and the application as well. In this article we will discuss more about the official website of EPF Grievance and how you can file a complaint.


EPF Grievance Status Check – EPF Grievance epfigms.gov.in

Who Can use EPF Grievance Website – epfigms.gov.in For EPF Complaints?

It is mandatory that anyone who wants to file a complaint on EPFO has to have a mandatory UAN number. I am listing out the requirements that can file a complaint on the EPF Grievance official website.

  • You have to be the EPF official member or EPF Pensioner or EPF employer
  • You can raise the complaint against EPFO employer i.e, your company or against EPFO directly
  • Your EPF Grievance once submitted will be resolved in within 30 days
  • You are allowed to send reminders for the complaint you have lodged to get a resolution

EPF Grievance Official Website – Epfigms Registration or Complaint Registration

So, the official website for EPF Grievance is epfigms.gov.in which is free to access and you do not have to worry about registration process because you can login directly via your UAN number. So, let me first guide you with the steps on how you can start accessing the website and then show you how to lodge a complaint.


EPF Grievance Official Website – Epfigms Registration or Complaint Registration

  • Firstly, we will have to open epfigms official website from here or open epfigms.gov.in from the browser
  • Next you have to click on “Register Grievance” tab and follow the page, where you have to select
  • Status from the given options, you have to select one of them by checking them
    • PF member
    • EPS pensioner
    • Employer
    • Others
  • Now you have to enter your UAN number which will be available on your salary slip
  • Then enter the security code as shown in the image and click on “Get details” button to continue
  • Next you will be asked to enter the personal details where you have to select the PF number which you are currently using
  • After that you need to enter Grievance details by following the below image and complete it with all your required information

Finally, once everything is filled and image is attached, enter the captcha as shown in image and then click on the submit button to lodge or file your complaint!

EPF Grievance Status Check – How to Check epfigms.gov.in Status

  • Firstly, we will have to open epfigms official website from here or open epfigms.gov.in/status from the browser
  • Then click on “View Status” tab and then enter your “Registration number” and “Grievance Password”
  • Then you can see all the available complaints that you have lodged and also check the status on the complaint!

Types of EPF Grievance Complains – epfigms.gov.in EPFO Complaints Type and Status

  • PF Withdrawal Complaint – Withdrawal of PF balance
  • If you have any problem regarding the Provident Fund withdrawal process or the PF Balance which you want to withdraw. Then you can use the grievance website to file a complaint by stating your problem regarding the withdrawal of PF money.
  • Pension Settlement Complaint: If you are an EPF pensioner who is not receiving the current pension or have problem in the pension PF balance. Then you can readily state your problem regarding the EPFO pension which is a basic necessary after retirement.
  • PF Balance Related Issues: There can be minor issues related to the PF balance which I have mentioned below, that you can file a complaint on.
  • PF Balance Transfer – Form 13
  • EPFO Scheme certificate or 10C EPFO form
  • EPFO Insurance benefit or Form 5IF
  • Cheque misplace or mis delivery

EPF Complaint Office

Understand that there is no offline office to file your complaint or grievance separately but you can always go to your nearest EPFO office and seek help form their helpdesk. But it is always suggested that you seek the help from EPF Grievance official website which has a timeline of 30 days to resolve your complaint.

Thank you for reading this article regarding the process on how you can use the official EPF Grievance website to file your complaints and problem to discuss about them. One great thing is that your complaint will be resolved in a period of 30 days which is very good for PF employees.


  1. Premaranjan Singh Samanta

    January 6, 2020 at 11:46 am

    I applied for EPFO form 31, the claim settled on 06 10 19 but not credited in my bank account ,my EPFO balance showing deduction.l also complained about the case through the online grivance portal , no-ROno-/E/06675. Till now nothing any information to me.

    1. nehi7ku9wa3ti

      January 8, 2020 at 8:01 am

      Hello Premaranjan,
      If that is the case please visit your EPFO office nearby and file an offline compliant. Since there has been no update on the online compliant.

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