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EPF Claim Status – Check UAN Claim Status

EPFO UAN Claim Status: Employee Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) of India which is also known as EPFO has made the Provident Fund which is a retirement scheme mandatory in Indian and all the Employee across India will have 12% deductions from their basic salary every month up until their retirement from their job. The basic salary is called as the normal salary which is paid to any of the salaried personals and the reason for allocation of this scheme is to provide every one with a retirement fund. So, over the period of your working years you will save 12% from your basic salary which by the end of the retirement period will become one huge sum of money which can be basically used for future planning and as retirement funds.

So, after retirement or during your working days you might have to withdraw the money from your EPFO account which is something every does and the government of India allows that as well. But only if you meet certain requirements and eligibility you will be allowed to check for EPFO UAN claim status. And let us assume that you have applied to check for PF withdrawal online and now you need to check to ensure if the PF claim status has processed or not.

There are many reasons why someone in India would have to request for PF withdrawal and one of the major reasons is for retirement funds. Yes, the main agenda for the PF is to provide every employee with a fund that can be used after the retirement which is something everyone who works for 58 years in their job will look forward to. Other than that you can also request the PF balance withdrawal if you have any emergency like Marriage, House rebuilding or refinance of any construction that you want to undertake.

EPF Claim Status - Check UAN Claim Status

EPF Claim Status – Check UAN Claim Status

In this article we are going to cover different topics and reasons which will help you understand the EPFO PF claim status properly and the manner in which you will know if you can withdraw money from your UAN account. This will surely help you to get an understanding of the EPFO claim process and how you can use it.

EPFO Claim Status Check – UAN Claim Status Check epfindia.gov.in

If you have claimed the PF balance withdrawal from your EPFO account then you will have to check for the claim status and see what is the present status for your money withdrawal. Only if the status is approved then you will receive a transfer of the requested withdrawal money to your bank account. And it is very important for everyone to keep track of their claim status from EPFO official website and in order to do so we are going to show you the basic steps involved in it.

EPFO Login for Employees – EPFO Passbooks Login

The Employee Provident Fund Organization has recently changed their official website to check for PF Balance and also to see if the EPFO claim status has been approved. So, the first step every EPFO member will be to log into their EPFO Member Passbook online and we will show you the steps necessary to do so.

  • Step 1: The primary step is to go to EPFO Member official website link from here
  • Step 2: Then click on “Our Services” and then click on “For Employees” under the same tab

EPFO Claim Status Check – UAN Claim Status Check

  • Step 3: On this ‘For Employees” page click on “Know your Claim Status” link which is under the “Services” section
  • Step 4: Now you will be redirected to the EPFO Passbook login page where you need to enter UAN number and Captcha as shown in the image
EPFO Claim Status Check - UAN Claim Status Check

EPFO Claim Status Check – UAN Claim Status Check

  • Step 5: Then click on the Search button and enter the following required details to check your claim status
    • Select State: Select the state of your PF Office
    • Provident Fund Account Number: In the next box you will have to enter your Employee Provident Fund Account Number
  • And then click on the Submit button which will give you the EPFO UAN Claim status regarding the PF withdrawal from your UAN account and the status linked to it.

EPFO Claim Status via UAN Portal

If you have EPFO account which requires your UAN number and password to login directly, which you can use in order to check your EPFO claim status via the UAN Portal. Well if you do not have your establishment code then I would suggest you to follow this guide where you can check and track the PF withdrawal status right away.

  • Step 1: The first step will be to visit the EPFO UAN portal from here
  • Step 2: On the right, you have to enter UAN number, password and Captcha
  • Step 3: Now click on “Track Claim Status” under Online Services section
EPFO Claim Status via UAN Portal

EPFO Claim Status via UAN Portal

  • Step 4: On the next screen you will be shown the list of Online claim status for different PF withdrawal requests
  • Step 5: On the same page you can also see the section “Transfer Claim Status” which will show you the status of transfer of requested PF balance withdrawal
EPFO Claim Status via UAN Portal

EPFO Claim Status via UAN Portal

  • EPFO Claim Status PDF Download: After selecting a claim, you can open the PDF in a new page which you can download and take a print out if necessary, as well.

EPFO Claim Status Check via Missed Call – Check UAN Claim Status through Missed Call

EPFO claim status check is sometimes a very tedious process and for people who cannot use Internet that well to go on and check the official web portal for claim status will become harder. And that is why the EPFO has made sure that anyone can check the claim status via missed call as well and you can follow the below steps to check the UAN claim status for the PF balance withdrawal requested.

  • Step 1: First you have to send a missed call to 011-22901406 via your registered mobile number
  • Step 2: Once you call the number, it will disconnect by itself and then you will receive all required information about the claim status on your phone number through SMS.

EPFO Claim Status Check via SMS – Check PF Withdrawal Status through SMS

Missed call is one way of checking the claim status but you can also use send SMS to the EPFO given number to check for your EPFO claim status and those details will also be sent to you via the SMS on your registered number.

  • Step 1: Send SMS to 7738299899
  • Step 2: SMS Body should contain text as “EPFOHO UAN LAN”
  • Step 3: In the SMS Body text, LAN refers to your language and most of the times we suggest to use English code as ENG
  • Step 4: Example SMS Body text to be sent is “EPOFO UAN ENG”
  • Step 5: Send the SMS and now you will receive all the required details for the EPFO claim status

In case you want to check the claim status in a different language other than English then you only have to change the ENG code to the language code which you prefer from the given codes below.

Language Code to be inserted SMS Body Text


How to check EPFO Claim Status via UMANG App

The EPFO has made some good changes to the community and to help the employee they have released a new app with the name UMANG which is all about the EPFO and different services related to it directly. So, all the features and different options which you could access on the official EPFO web portal or EPFO Member passbook can be used directly via the UMANG app and we are going to show you how you can check the EPFO UAN claim status via UMANG app.

UMANG app stands does Unified Mobile Application for New Age Governance which allows you to access all the EPFO features through just one app from your Android, IOS devices. So, before you continue reading this part of the guide, I would request you to download and install the UMANG app and then follow the steps below.

  • Step 1: Open the UMANG app and login with your UAN number and password
  • Step 2: On the UMANG app homepage, click on “Employee Centric Services”
How to check EPFO Claim Status via UMANG App

How to check EPFO Claim Status via UMANG App

  • Step 3: On the next page you have to click on “Track Claim” section
How to check EPFO Claim Status via UMANG App

How to check EPFO Claim Status via UMANG App

  • Step 4: The Track Claim page will show you all the details about the claim status on the requested PF balance withdrawal from your EPFO account.
How to check EPFO Claim Status via UMANG App

How to check EPFO Claim Status via UMANG App

EPF Claim Status Shows Payment Under Process

So at the end of the last step while following any of the methods above you can see that under the claim status section, it will show “Payment Under Process” which means the claim has processed and the payment is being transferred to your bank account right now which might take 2 – 7 working days for the requested PF balance to be withdrawn to your bank account.

EPFO Claim Status Contact Number

In case if you have any problem with the EPF claim status at any stage and even if you do not receive the money within the 7 days then you can contact the EPFO office direct who can help you regarding any of the issues.

Thank you for reading this article about how to check PF Claim status via EPFO official portal which you can access via your UAN number and password. At the same time, we have also discussed about how to check UAN claim status using the EPFO Member passbook login page which is quite the same but a different method of tracking the requested PF withdrawal balance.

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