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EPF balance check Online

EPF balance check Online: Employee Provident Fund has an important role in once earning as this is place where employee and employer contribute at one place. The contribution may differ with the ratio agreed by employee and employer. In this article we will be letting you how to check your EPF statement and Balance. This way you can even calculate the amo9ujnt being deposited by employer side and the ratio of percentage contributed by each parties. EPF amount has a unique way of withdrawal scheme, as it can only be taken out once the period of retirement has come or during a job change process.

EPF balance check Online

EPF balance check Online

Since UAN number has been attached with employee from the day he starts his working experience. It is believed that every next company he is going to switch will use same UAN number and this has can be checked through online. We have UAN official portal to check the EPF status and linkage to your new company. Employee need to submit his past pay slips with proper detail to new employer to make sure that their account gets linked and agreed value of amount has been deposited.

Benefits of EPF Balance Check:

Why is it necessary to check the balance of EPF on regular basic and why it is required to manage it through? We have some detailed points which will let you ensure that you check your EPF balance on regular basic.

  • Time wise check will allow employee to plan better after retirement.
  • A maximum amount in EPF amount, will let you avail loan from your respective bank at minimum documentation
  • To check what amount of money is being shared by Employer on regular basic
  • Trough Balance check it is visible to make extra contribution if you’re running with excess money.

Different Way to Check EPF Balance:

Here are some ways that will help you to check your EPF balance instantly. This ways are official and every different process has its own important. So make sure which will be suitable to be used at some condition.

How to Check EPF Balance – EPFO Official portal:

To check balance sheet with long history of contribution and make any changed in your EPF account if required. Universal Account Number has been given to employee holding an EPF account and they have only one UAN number linking all their accounts. Follow below process to Login to EPFO portal and check EPF balance.

EPF balance check Online

EPF balance check Online

  1. Go to EPFO official portal and click on ‘Our Services’ option and then click on ‘for employees
  2. Next tap on ‘Member Password’ under the option from ‘Services
  3. You will be directed to login page, enter UAN number followed by password
  4. Click on going once you have entered Code above and tap

That’s it your now in EPF Account and here you can access features provided by EPFO portal. Click on balance sheet to check and explore it to check month/ yearly wise contribution.

How to Check EPF Balance Through Sending SMS:

A quick view of EPF balance check through mobile, this can be only possible once you have linked your KYC with your UAN number, Aadhar, PAN, and Bank account must be attached with UAN through linking provided in EPFO portal. If you have linked this then use below process to get EPF balance on your mobile.

  1. Send SMS as “EPFOHO UAN ENG” to 7738299899
  2. ENG is English and can be changed to different languages as per employee.

This will sent you a response of your EPF Balance to your mobile message inbox in very short time.

How to EPF Balance Check through Miss Call:

As above if you’re linked with UAN with KYC document, the you can follow the process to get EPF balance as in text message to your registered number. The miss to be given through registered mobile number with EPF account and UAN number.

  1. Give a miss all to 011-22901406
  2. Once you have placed this call, you will get instant message with all your EPF Balance details
  3.  Miss Call to EPF number, will send a return text mail with your EPF balance

How to Check EPF Balance using EPFO App:

Download official EPFO Application to check status and EPF balance through smart phone. The App ‘m-sewa app of EPFO’ is official app from EPF, that enable employee to login and use different features provided. Download and install this App in your device, use your login credentials to make login as you in EPFO official portal.

EPF balance check Online

EPF balance check Online

The mobile App downloaded in Device, must have mobile number registered with UAN number. Once clicked on Login App will verify your number with UAN account details to make you login successfully.

Final Words:

So now you have checked your EPF Balance through different methods given above. This way you can go ahead to plan for future after retirement age. if you still face any difficulties, then please reach out to us with your query and will surely help you out to get your doubts cleared for EPF account.

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